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Personnel Search Services | Personalo Guru | Recruiting Guru !!!


We save your resources!

The key benefit – reduced direct costs for the staff recruitment process. It’s a well-known fact. If we convert time into money, that companies spend trying to find new employees, we would get a significantly bigger amount than the price companies pay for recruitment agencies, such as “Personalo guru”.

personalo atranka ir paieška
personalo paieska ir atranka

We save your time!

You don’t have to dedicate your time to recruiting: analyze CVs, evaluate recommendations, prepare for interviews, etc. The key benefit is that you receive a summarised information about the potential candidates.

We guarantee feedback!

We are looking for a long-term and effective partnership!

personalo paieška ir atranka
personalo atranka ir paieska

We guarantee confidentiality!

We maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality and ethical standards.